Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Six Questions for Initial One-to-One Workplace Problem-Solving Sessions

Please answer these questions or be prepared to discuss these questions when I meet with you for our initial one-to-one session. There are no right answers. What we talk about will be held in confidence, unless it has to do with any illegal or unethical behavior.

My approach to workplace conflict or desired change revealed through our talks will be to assist you to take charge of how to work to resolve it yourself, either through coaching you in ways to initiate and carry out direct conversations to that end, or to be present during conflict resolution sessions with those the conflict concerns. We will work on coping strategies when direct problem-solving is not the best choice or premature.

Although the word conflict has negative connotations and often creates anxiety, I believe it can be used as an opportunity for understanding and positive change.

1) What interpersonal or communication skill or attribute do you think is your most valuable asset to your work team?

2) Can you describe some interpersonal or communication skill you think you could be better at in the workplace?

3) What is the major difference between the way you communicate at home with family and friends and the way you communicate in the workplace?

4) Name one to three positive communication patterns already in place in the workplace that you think could be used more. How do you think this might be accomplished and what do you think you could commit to doing to make it more common?

5) Name one to three communication patterns that are absent from or have a negative effect in the workplace. How do you think this might be remedied? What do you think you would commit to doing to help create a remedy?

6) What is the most difficult aspect of workplace communication for you? Name one to three ways you think I could help you manage, cope or change that aspect.