Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some Self-Coaching Questions, Statements and Exercises


1) Are you willing to change the way you see this situation?

2) How would you like to see this situation resolve?

3) Where in this situation do you feel you have the least power to make change?

4) Where in it do you feel you have the most power to make change?

5) How would your world look a month or two after the situation had resolved? How would it look a month or two from now if it does not resolve?


What are the three most powerful Perspectives from which someone could live their life?

a) You can be open to change

b) You have the ability to facilitate change

c) You can accept where you have power as well as accept where you are powerless.


Create A Dream Solution

Take five minutes to dream your most perfect outcome or solution.
Be as fantastic and “dreamlike” as you can be in visioning how your dream outcome comes into being.
You might want to draw the dream outcome, write a song or poem or story about it.
Perhaps you can turn yourself into a favorite animal in the dream or have a favorite “action” animal help you take action toward fulfilling the dream.

List what parts of the dream is obtainable and what is not obtainable.
How far from the dream can you reasonably expect to be able to reach?
What about you is like the animal chosen?
How can that part of you be enlisted to help you take action?
How might that animal also be a hindrance?
What five actions will take you closest to the dream outcome?
What is the first action? When can you take it?
What part of your dream outcome must you say goodbye to and allow to remain in the realm of dream?


Kathi said...

Bob, I came across your web page or blog quite "accidentally." I enjoyed it very much! I found your energy soothing and enjoyed your sharing the idea around the exercise. It took me to a good place inside immediately. I am also a coach and graphologist. I also pull from some of the modalities used in my healing practice I had for well over 10 years. I appreciated your page and ideas and exercises. I notice you mention being open to trades or bartering. Feel free to email me separately from here to talk further possibly.
Wishing you much success and best well wishes. Kathi McKnight www.TheHandwritingExpert.com

Kathi said...

P.S. Thank you for sharing a potential exercise with us.

Bob Vance said...

Thanks Kathi! My apologies for suck a tardy replyt but I have been off on a relaxing family vacation with my son and his family. I hope you are a frequant visitor to the blog. I will be emailing you soon!

Ymabyts said...

nice questions. thank's