Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ten Questions About Your Fears

1. How are your fears useful to you in reaching goals, hopes and wishes?

2. How are they counterproductive in reaching your goals, hopes and wishes?

3. When are you most uncomfortable with your fears? Or… when do they produce the most discomfort for you? What do you do to manage them and the feelings they create?

4. Thinking back on your life, can you remember a time you were able to reach a goal when your fears seemed to be absent in the process? What was that like?

5. If you cannot remember a time when you were able to reach a goal without being largely or partly motivated by your fears, can you imagine how that might feel to you?

6. Do you know anyone who appears to you to be motivated toward achieving goals by something other than fears? How is their process or ability to reach goals different from yours? What motivates them?

7. How do you imagine you might be able to transform coping with fears into fearlessness, or into embracing your fears to change them into something less fearful and even exciting and joyful?

8. Assuming that working with fears is, by its nature, often a life long task, what do you imagine the best outcome would be in your quest to understand and calm your fears over the long term?

9. What techniques might you develop and practice to use on a time-to- time basis to transform fearfulness as it arises in you?

10. Make a list of what your fears feel like and times when they are most likely to arise. Next to the items on that list write down techniques you are willing to try, or have tried, to transform and/or calm them. What has worked and was has not? How can you use this list in the future?

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