Friday, November 14, 2008

A Thought About Client Resistance to Change in Coaching

Readiness to change is not automatically a trait that the client brings into the conversation or one that the client recognizes in its totality, but it can be brought about through interaction with a coach who is attentive to the signals and signs of motivation toward change and responds in a way that enhances them.
What is called “resistance” or “denial” is, in fact, the product of the practitioner’s assumption that the client is closer to change readiness than he or she actually is.
Resistance and denial are actually problems generated from the practitioner and not the client.

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Iris Arenson-Fuller said...

Bob, I hear what you are suggesting, and this could well be the case with some clients. A coach must separate his or her expectations and needs from the client's. Are you saying, though, that there are never clients who are resistant? This makes me think of my grandfather, who used to say, "There are no bad kids...Only bad parents".