Thursday, April 22, 2010

Business Coaching Services

The following is a range of services I can offer your company. This list can be considered to be a menu of options. Options can be added as process continues and applications are determined. Prices are reached on a case by case basis determined by number of people involved in each session, service provided, and ability to invest. Flexibility and a creative approach to the combination of these services is a key to their successful implementation. Adding others is always an option.

* Visions and Goals: Initial planning session to determine direction of coaching, set goals and time tables for attaining those goals. For executives, managers and staff as determined and deemed necessary by managers. At least two hours. Can happen in several increments over the first month of coaching.

* Individual Executive and Manager Coaching: Individual session with executives or managers. Generally three-quarters to one hour long. Can be held at place of business, over the phone or in other community setting as requested by client.

* Individual staff coaching: Individual session with one staff per request by staff or in agreement with/request by manager. Can be held in place of business, over phone or in other community setting. Thirty minutes to an hour.

* Seminar: Didactic and/or skills training seminar for a work unit or large percentage of an entire staff. At least an hour; not usually more than three hours. In setting provided by company.

* Observation and Assessment: Information and process observation in the workplace. This is my opportunity to visit workplace during a normal day and observe. No less than one hour for observation. Includes report to managers and/ or staff as requested and needed at a later date; at least another hour.

* Facilitation and Mediation: Coaching for small sub groups of people involved in specific workplace problem-solving processes. Total number of hourly sessions to be determined on a case by case, issues by issue, as needed basis

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