Monday, January 5, 2009

A Few Client Testimonials

The following are a few testimonials from some of the clients I have been proud to work with. I have been delighted by the progress they achieved and real genius they demonstrated in moving toward the goals they set with me.

In looking over these testimonials it occurs to me that initial goals and the eventual outcomes are often quite dissimilar, and some of the best work we have done involves little bits of grief and loss related to letting go of wants and desires when it becomes apparent that the true course one wishes to set has been hidden... but then, through coaching, these discoveries and their attendant losses yield and make way for the opportunities to set a truer course and pursue it as one might find and explore a new land... and one that feels more like home!

I am grateful to each one of these clients and my others for the opportunity to be trusted with some of their most precious treasure: the future and an innate hope in it.


"When I started coaching with Bob, I was this shy little bird afraid to fly out of the nest on her own. Bob was able to hold a coaching space over the months in which I discovered that lacking self confidence was only a hideout for not doing certain things, and that I could stop it anytime I decided to. Bob’s patience, his clear, direct style of coaching, along with his natural empathy and enthusiasm allowed me to find the inspiration within me, to spread my wings and start flying.

Bob didn’t fix anything wrong with me, instead, he helped me discover what was lying within me , waiting to unfold. I feel whole and authentic, clearer than ever as to which directions I want to take in my life. "

- Claire Molinard


“Bob has always been a great support for me. He has a gentle style of coaching. He has helped shift my perspective many times always supporting me to keep moving forward. Even though I have wanted to quit he always knew how to re-motivate me. and clarify what I want”

-- Brandon Williams


“I liked Bob’s challenges and the thinking they often opened up for me. He was generous in spirit and with his time and I appreciated the extra support and interaction we had by e-mail. His compassion and humanity were very evident to me.”

-- Iris Arenson-Fuller


“Bob had the ability to keep me on track with a consistency in message and support. He brought a perspective outside the “forest” (“Can’t see the forest for the trees”). He gave me a place to detach from drama and observe process. Help with more objective analysis of my process. He is nonjudgmental.”

-- Mary Schimmel


“Bob brought a high level of personal concern and compassion while maintaining professional distance and critical thinking. He was insightful, thought provoking and supportive.”

-- Theo McCracken

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